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Steel Garage Buildings - Metal Garage Kits

Metal Garage Building Kits

Metal garage building kits from Great Western provide 100% usable square footage without interior columns at the best direct price.

You’ve been dreaming of a shop or garage for years. You need a steel building supplier you can trust.

Workshops and garages may seem like they’re a simple project – but what makes them special is what they mean to the people who buy them. Maybe you’ve been wanting to complete that hot-rod or you want a place you can develop your woodworking skills – no matter the use, at Great Western, we understand your workshop or garage is a place that needs to feel special.

Budgets may not be huge for a workshop or garage, so you need to be able to save money everywhere you can. You don’t want to spend so much on contractors or laborers that you have nothing left to spend on the hobby or craft you plan to use the building for. That’s the beauty of a Great Western Steel building – you and a few friends can easily erect the building on your own. The precision crafted components and easy to understand instructions mean that even someone with rudimentary experience in construction can assemble the building. Of course the 24/7 construction support hotline gives our customer’s the peace of mind that we are available to help with anything they need as it comes up during construction.

With simple tools and components that are designed and produced to fit perfectly, you can be assured that the costly or annoying jobsite adjustments that a traditionally constructed building might require can be avoided – allowing you more time to enjoy using your building – without the headache of erecting it.

With Great Western’s easy to read erection manuals and 24/7 support line, you can feel comfortable that you’re not getting yourself into something you can’t handle. Our team not only sells and designs pre-fabricated steel buildings, but we also build them! Your sales team’s been in the field, they’ve been in the fabrication facilities, and they know, first hand, what to expect during the erection process.

front view metal garage kit

Not only can you expect a precision crafted steel building kit to arrive on time, but you can expect support through the entire erection process. It’s not just the quality of what we deliver that makes us exceptional, it’s the quality of design. Great Western’s engineers have an intimate understanding of how important this workshop or garage is to you – it houses memories or gives you a place to create them.

Several things make Great Western’s engineers the pre-engineered steel building industry’s best:

  • Experience Designing Buildings in All Regions, in All Climates
  • The Most Current and Intimate Knowledge of the IBC Codes for Every Region
  • Creativity!
  • The Ability to Work Within Your Budget

interior of brown steel garage building

A Great Western Steel Garage is Ideal for:

  • Automotive Workspace or Storage
  • Project Space
  • Equipment or Tool Storage
  • Mancave or Personal Retreat
  • Woodworking or Welding Space

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Steel Shop & Garage FAQ's

We aren't looking to climate control our building but will heat/cool it from time to time while we are using it, should we insulate the building?

Yes, climate controlled or not all steel buildings should be insulated. Insulation in your steel building not only provides an R-Value but also prevents condensation forming on the interior of your panels and secondary framing. If the building will be heated occasionally insulation will also make keeping the building comfortable a little bit easier. We can supply simple and inexpensive insulation solutions for your steel building workshop.

Can a Great Western steel building support an engine hoist or a lifting device from the rafters?

Yes. If you are planning to lift anything more than a couple of hundred pounds let us know so that we can engineer the building properly. We will need to know the location you intend to attach a winch or pulley in your shop so we can design for the point load. Some shop building owners like the flexibility of a mono-rail crane in their building. This is simple for us to design for as well.

Access to my jobsite is limited and will not accommodate a full size semi and trailer, how do I get my building delivered?

All of our buildings are delivered via tractor-trailers. If you cannot bring an 80’ semi into your property our shipping and logistics personnel will help you select an alternative site to offload. Unless it is agreed to beforehand it will be your responsibility to transport the building from the unloading location to your jobsite. However, we are more than happy to help with alternative delivery methods. Most times a suitable location can be found that is very close to the final assembly destination.

We would like to have a storage loft or living quarters in the steel building, can Great Western help?

Of course! There are many options available and they all depend on the size and use of your second story or loft. Let us know how the space will be used and our designers can provide several options that fit with your project and budget. Many customers choose to stick build with timbers and TJIs, we can also provide all steel mezzanine systems and even steel/wood hybrid systems.

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