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Great Western’s steel churches are engineered to meet the demands of high occupancy community facilities.

A metal building from Great Western is an excellent choice for your new church or community building. Whether you’ve got a tight-knit and relatively small group of regular attendees or a triple-digit congregation, Great Western can provide a perfect building for your unique situation. Best of all, our buildings are vastly customizable. So, working with our expert designers lands you a versatile steel church building that genuinely represents your community and its members.

Great Western’s unparalleled engineering and design make our buildings inexpensive and quick to erect. We supply buyers with a comprehensive and in-depth step-by-step erection manual for every building we produce to ensure a smooth construction process. Our buildings’ clear-span framing leaves a wide-open interior space, putting no limits on your interior possibilities. In addition, each Great Western building is backed by a lifetime structural warranty. Our basic principle is to create a quality American-made product from the highest-quality materials that our buyers can depend on. 

60 x 60 x 20

Florence, AZ

60 x 110 x 16

Athens, AL

60 x 100 x 10

Pinecrest, GA

A metal building doesn’t have to be the standard-issue “cookie cutter” shape and appearance that may come to mind. Our 3D designer lets you preview our various exterior finishes and architectural features. This flexibility in appearance gives you much more than just a new building; it gives your congregation a new home that perfectly reflects your community’s identity. Our expert team of designers will work with you to create your perfect building, from custom window placement to exterior color and more.

What are the Advantages of a Metal Church Building?

Metal buildings are exceptionally robust and require very little maintenance. This means they’re especially ideal in climates where extreme weather is commonplace. Whether you’re in an area with substantial snowfall, routine seismic activity, or the potential for hurricanes, a metal building has much better overall resilience than a more traditional wood structure. Our vast experience with IBC (International Building Code) requirements ensures that our experts can design a building perfectly suited to your snow and wind loading requirements specific to your location.

The initial cost of the building isn’t the only place buyers can expect to save money. In general, a metal building is much more cost-effective when it comes to construction. At Great Western, we understand that time is valuable and design our buildings for an intuitive erection process. They’re designed with the DIY-er and first-time builder in mind. Coupled with our industry-leading erection manual, our buildings save buyers a substantial amount of time compared to traditional construction. This means buyers hiring outside contractors to erect the building face reduced labor costs.

The vast interior space of a metal building from Great Western leaves virtually limitless possibilities for your steel church building. We’re happy to work with your architects and interior designers to accommodate the structural needs of interior walls and components. So, if you need a space with offices, classrooms, or meeting rooms, a Great Western building is an ideal blank canvas for buyers to turn into their perfect house of worship.

How Much Does a Steel Church Building from GWB Cost?

The cost of a metal church building depends entirely on the material used. For example, a building designed to withstand substantial snowfall or heavy winds uses more materials. Thus, a building designed for these specific standards comes with a higher price tag. Similarly, the dimensions of the building, from basics like width, length, and height to advanced features like cupolas and other exterior features, decide the overall price. 

It is helpful to remember that a quote from Great Western will not include anything that we are not providing. Foundation, dirt work, mechanical needs, parking, and interior finishes depend on the specifics of your project. We have seen projects completed from the ground up for as little as $60 per square foot. However, for budgeting and, of course, based on the level of interior build-out (classrooms, kitchens, offices, etc.), $120-150 per square foot is a more realistic estimate range.

Our 3D building designer is a great place to start for a free estimate of the cost of your specific project and to get an idea of the level of customization available here at Great Western. Additionally, you can contact our team directly with your building needs to get a quote for your perfect metal building. Important information to have ready for our team is your location and size requirements. From there, personalization and refinements can be made to dial in an estimate as accurately as possible. 

Trust Great Western to build the exceptional steel building you need for your community.

50 x 100 Western

50 x 100 Gable

60 x 100 Gambrel

Why Choose Great Western?

At Great Western, each building project we complete is built on the back of our core values in designing high-quality American-made buildings that we can stand behind for life. Moreover, we strive to ensure that our customers get the exact building that they want. Our team works with you to create a building that meets the needs of your specific use case, location, and budget. Designed with the DIY-er and first-time builder in mind, Great Western Buildings are affordable and simple to erect. If you run into an issue or have a question, we have a 24/7 construction support hotline to take care of you.

Every Great Western Building comes with a lifetime structural warranty. You can take solace in knowing that our designers leave no stone unturned when it comes to your local codes and climate requirements, no matter what size building you’re in the market for. Our team’s expansive knowledge of our structures and experience in designing buildings for all regions and climates funnel into your building to make it exactly that: YOUR building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Great Western design an interior with space for classrooms, offices, and worship halls?

Great Western does not have on-staff MEP designers, civil engineers, or architects. However, our team is happy to work with your designers and engineers to ensure our building design supports customer interior choices.

We have a large congregation, how large should our sanctuary be?

The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) recommends a minimum occupancy rating of seven square feet per person for areas with concentrated seating and standing like a worship hall. So, an expected occupancy of 150 people would require at least 1,050 dedicated square feet for seating to meet the minimum recommendation. In addition, for areas without concentrated seating, like work areas and classrooms, we recommend a minimum of 36 square feet per person. If you’re unsure how much space you need, our team can help you work out the necessary sizing based on how many people you expect to be within the space.

When do interior columns for my steel building make sense?

If your building is expected to have a span of over 60 to 70 feet, it may be more cost-effective to integrate some interior columns in the building’s design. Concealing these columns within interior walls or placing them strategically to prevent unnecessary space interruption is possible. This is where our team working with your architect and MEP designers comes in handy. We assure you that our team will do everything in our power to make your building the space you want.

We are looking for fundraising help, how can you help?

Great Western can provide architectural renderings of your proposed building project to use as a visual aid with fundraising. Our expert designers create professional renderings, down to exterior color choices, to represent your proposed finished product. Using these visuals across social media and print allows potential contributors to see precisely what they’re funding.


Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.